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Drug Rehab Recovery Self Improvement Community

Drug Rehab Recovery Self Improvement Community

Richard Mays Owner of Drug Abuse Hotline and Recovery Community

Richard Mays Owner of Drug Abuse Hotline and Recovery Community
“At the bottom of this page is something special that I want to teach you”

Be it that your here for educational reasons or your here for assistance, Your Drug Abuse Hotline is here to be that shoulder you can lean on while you transmute yourself into the person you wish to see yourself as, but transmute not into the distant future, but TODAY & for the rest of your life!

Hello, my name is Richard Mays and for 16 years I’ve been sober, I use to be addicted to everything that has landed on the streets, and by doing so I ruined my relationships that I held dearest to me! I reached out for assistance, and I got more then I could have ever asked for at the time! Since then I’ve been using the knowledge here on this site to help pull individuals out of the darkest days of their lives and move onward to sobriety and too land higher then they ever thought possible!

Give me your undivided attention because something magical is about to happen!

Now I’m not coming to you on some silver lined cloud speaking wisdom that I don’t believe in just to try to make a point. I’m here to help you help yourself grow stronger, everything you’ve experienced to this point (be it substance abuse or depression) doesn’t matter.

You’re here on this wonderful playing ground of experience to live life. Yes we can give up and it gets easier to give up the more we allow ourselves too! But when you hold steadfast with your beliefs that you can change, that’s where the magic all comes from!
Drug Abuse and Treatment Centers Are They Really The First Step?

Drug Recovery and Substance Abuse Rehab Assistance

Drug Recovery and Substance Abuse Rehab Assistance

So lets play a game, a game of “what if UP” – what if today is the day where something changes? What if today you find a gift, in something as ordinary as a basic website, what if today, is really THE DAY everything changes?

I’m not talking about checking into rehab as your first course of action either (be sure to reread that!), because as much as the programs that are used to help individuals such as yourself come to sobriety and stay sober there are things that you must agree too, but not just you as your thinking mind, but you as your WHOLE being. If your subconscious is not alignment with going to rehab, you may still go, but your efforts could be in vain!

So I will be teaching you a simple method to help your stubborn monkey mind (what some people call the subconscious and unconscious mind) to accept that what your thinking with your conscious mind is truly what you want!

Once your entire mind and body are on the same page, TRUE magic can take place! The best thing about this is, you can do this too change your internal thought patterns, as you sit here now. What I’m about to teach you, is what I told you I would at the top of the page, and let me make this straight, you as a person no matter why you’re here can use this right now (even if you’re not here for rehab help), to help start changing how you see reality as you know it!

But seriously you can use this even down to the most simplest reasons – you have a headache or don’t feel %100 – take a minute and learn about this amazing life changing easy to use technique!

Please listen to this song before continuing

The technique is call EFT – it stands for Emotional Freedom Techniques. This technique has been used to blow out anxiety to PTSD within just a couple of session! As strong as this technique is, you may never hear about it in the mainstream media or even your rehab center, that is why I’m giving you this gift NOW, so that when you press forward right after this short message you can walk into rehab with your WHOLE being ready for change!
What is EFT and what does it do?

How to do EFT!

To study this miracle of healing further you can visit the link below!

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Just remember to change the EFT technique to fit your needs! This is a great great start and I totally suggest you continue learning about EFT. In fact this site is mostly here to help you get in the right state of mind to be okay in your mind, body and soul to accept the help of a Recovery Drug Rehab center.

To learn more ways to help you take the first step into sobriety take a peak at more that this site has to offer you! But if you’re ready right now I URGE you to start your journey to sobriety today! Call the number below now!
For Drug Recovery Assistance