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Boom Kinetic – Ordinary People

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Listen to Boom Kinetic Ordinary People MP3

Listen to Boom Kinetic Ordinary People MP3


Verse 1
There’s a light in the sky…
Part grey, part bright
Light…they blind my eyes
Boy meets girl close the door
Scorching sun inside
Undisclosed recipient
An imaginary friend is nothing
Tie your heart to the stone
Cast it out to the tide

Ordinary people, ordinary people doing ordinary things
It’s not good enough for me
Tell ‘em I want extra extra ordinary

Verse 2
Corner store, asbury street I sent a note that she might find
Found ourselves lost and found bargain bin the price marked down.

We all want the same thing as everybody else.

About Boom Kinetic:

Formed around 2006, the band, then called Molten Lava, started as an outlet for members of several established local bands to showcase the prowess as performers and their skill as musicians. The reception in their joint hometowns of Fayetteville and Little Rock Arkansas was warm as fans of their former bands flocked to see the brand new conglomerate cover new wave 80’s hits with stage rattling energy. It wasn’t long that the members’ backgrounds in songwriting and recording would come calling, begging for an outlet in the band’s ever growing fan base and, soon, the band would emerge again, reinvented and renamed Boom Kinetic to release their first EP featuring all original music taking the stage with white-suited front men sporting sunglasses and working the crowds into a frenzy. One EP wouldn’t satiate the band’s need to create and another EP was release featuring a more somber music, culminating in what might become the group’s signature sound. A new birth for the band is almost traceable right down to a song called “Math and Science”. A song both epic and intimate, it would serve as harbinger of the band’s new identity.

Boom Kinetic would shuffle off the idea of a cover band and, bringing their resounding success in awing crowds and setting records in their own states biggest venues, be reborn, yet again, as a powerhouse of original music with the 2010 release of their first full-length album, “Part Gray/Part Bright Light”. The two part album would serve as a symbol of Boom Kinetic’s dichotomy as a band and, at the same time, solidify their position as a group of accomplished songwriters. As the band continues to work on new music, they have grown the areas the reach performing in Memphis, Kansas City, St. Louis, Tulsa, Oklahoma City, Dallas, New Orleans and many places in between bringing their high-energy alternative pop music to more and more people every week.
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Author: Richard Mays

By: Richard Mays

Hello, my name is Richard Mays and for 16 years I’ve been sober, I use to be addicted to everything that had landed on the streets, and by going along and doing so I ruined my relationships that I held dearest to me!

I reached out for assistance, and I got more then I could have ever asked for at the time! Since then I’ve been using the knowledge here on this site to help pull individuals out of the darkest days of their lives and move onward to sobriety and too land higher then they ever thought possible!

This post was just a glimpse of what I stand for in helping individuals and families alike gain closure to a destructive past and into a golden future!

Call 1-855-602-5102 – 24/7/365 for Drug Abuse Assistance and Information!

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